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 Linux Advanced Package
Cost: $349.00 /Month
Setup: $0*
Hard Drive: 2 (x) 320GB SATA HDD
Bandwidth/Data Transfer:
600 GB
2 (x) Intel Xeon 3.0+GHz
Linux w/ Plesk or Client Preferred Solution
Server Automation Suite , Monitoring Suite
Email: Unlimited
FTP Accounts: Unlimited
Email Features
- Unlimited POP E-mail Accounts
- Unlimited E-mail Aliases
- SSL E-mail Encryption
- Sendmail w/ Anti-Spam Capabilities
Technology Features
- Microsoft® FrontPage® 2002 Server Extension
- Full Custom CGI Execution Capability
- Perl, Mod Perl, C, C++, SSI, PHP4
- Windows Networking Client Support (SAMBA)
- Miva Empresa Engine Support
- Apache Web Server Version
- Software Package Library
Customization Features
- Configurable Shell User Rights
- Daily Statistical Hit Analysis
- Full Access to Access, Agent, and Referrer Logs
- Full Telnet/SSH access
- Access to Server Configuration Files
- Automated Tasks with Cron
- Comprehensive Users Guide
FTP Features
- Private ProFTP Server
- Anonymous FTP Access
Database Features
- MySQL Database Server
*$199 setup fee waived with quarterly or annual billing plan

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