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Spread the Word and Earn Unlimited CASH Referral Commissions!

How does the program work?
Spread the word and introduce new customers to our award-winning, value-priced web hosting and ecommerce solutions and earn a substantial cash referral commission for each new customer that joins - It's that easy!

Simply join our industry-leading Affiliate/Referral Program - it's FREE - and you can become part of one of the most lucrative commission-based referral programs ever available on the 'Net. You will receive a MINIMUM $35.00 CASH REFERRAL COMMISSION for every new customer that you refer. After your first five (5) referrals, your commission level automatically increases to an incredible $50.00 CASH COMMISSION for every new customer that joins.

Once you are registered, you will be given your own personal "Referral ID" and a dedicated URL that you can use to refer new clients. Upon successful completion of the ordering process, your Affiliate Account will automatically receive credit for the new account. Our state-of-the-art tracking system will track all "click-throughs" as well as any new order that is submitted and you will be able to monitor your progress and commission pay-outs using the "Affiliate Login" section on our website.

Joining the SiteTurn Affiliate/Referral Program is absolutely free and you DO NOT have to be a customer of SiteTurn Networks, Inc. in order to participate.

Customer Requirements:
* Referrals must be for new customers
* Credit will only be issued if the person that has been referred uses an affiliate's private URL or mentions the Affiliate ID in the space provided during the order process..
* This program cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions

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